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Dive and More

Dive Trips With a Purpose

UW Photography and Ocean Conservation Trips

Dive Trips

What we do 

We make your dive trip meaningful by partnering up with local ocean conservation organizations

Our trips are not your ordinary diving experiences. They are designed to go beyond the surface and provide you with unique opportunities to make a positive impact on our marine environment, all while creating memories that will last a lifetime.

We combine our passion for ocean conservation with the art of underwater photography. We believe in the power of imagery to inspire change and raise awareness about the pressing need to protect our precious marine ecosystems.

With our unique approach, we offer dive trips and workshops that not only showcase the breathtaking beauty of the underwater world but also spread the vital message of ocean conservation.

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Our Conservation Partners

Ocean conservation organization
Ocean conservation Belize
Ocean conservation Baja California
COR ocean conservation

Upcoming dive trips

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Baja California. Mexico

Oct 31st - Nov 8th, 2024

UW Photography Trip

On our trip, you'll witness a captivating array of marine wonders, including baitballs, striped marlin, sea lions, humpback whales, dolphins, tuna, whale sharks, giant schools of big-eyed jacks, groupers, snappers, stingrays, vibrant reefs, and more. Don't miss out on this extraordinary adventure! 

Can't make it this year? Check out our 2025 trip to Baja California

La Vantana, Baja California

​​May 11th - May 18th, 2025

Mobula Rays UW Photo Expedition

As spring reaches its peak, tens of thousands of Mobula rays gather off the coast of Baja California. Known for their acrobatic displays.
Swimming with Mobula rays in Baja California is an unforgettable experience, not just because of the rays themselves but also due to the diverse marine life you'll encounter. You may spot playful sea lions, various species of sharks, including hammerheads and whale sharks, and schools of vibrant fish, like jacks and snappers. The nutrient-rich waters also attract dolphins and, occasionally, orcas and Marlins.

Scuba diving in Belize


March 25th - March 30th, 2025

Ocean Conservation and Photo Expedition 

This trip is about active conservation, feel the excitement of spearing the invasive lionfish and the satisfaction in helping protect coral reefs!  This is a unique opportunity to protect the reef ecosystem by directly participating in ongoing marine conservation projects! 


April 8th - April 15th, 2025

Palau Annual 

Snapper-Spawning Event

Palau is renowned for its pristine coral reefs, vibrant marine life, and crystal-clear waters. From exploring iconic dive sites like Blue Corner and German Channel to encountering majestic marine giants like reef sharks and manta rays, every dive in Palau is a thrilling adventure.

Dive enthusiasts can also explore World War II wrecks, discover hidden underwater caves, and witness the unique phenomenon of the Jellyfish Lake. 

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Oct 26th - Nov 2nd, 2025

Maldives Liveaboard Dive Trip

Dive into the turquoise waters of the Maldives and discover a world of unparalleled underwater beauty. With its pristine coral reefs, vibrant marine life, and crystal-clear visibility, the Maldives is a diver's paradise like no other.

Explore breathtaking coral gardens teeming with colorful fish, graceful manta rays, and majestic whale sharks. Drift along vibrant reef walls adorned with intricate coral formations, and encounter an array of marine creatures, from tiny nudibranchs to elusive reef sharks.

What makes our trips special 


Ocean Conservation activities 

underwater camera

Underwater Photography guides

dive trips

Tailormade trips

Through underwater photography we can spread the word of ocean conservation

Join us for our exhilarating underwater photo workshops and trips, where we blend the art of photography with the wonders of the ocean.

Underwater photography workshop

Meet the family

At Dive and More, we are more than just a dive trip company. We are a passionate team of ocean lovers, explorers, world travelers, eco-warriors, entrepreneurs, and of course, divers - a family united by our shared love for the ocean. Founded by Ran and Danielle Mor, Dive and More was born out of our deep desire to share the beauty and importance of the ocean with the world.

Danielle, an experienced SSI and PADI instructor with an impressive record of certifications, brings her expertise and passion for teaching to the forefront. With her guidance, you'll discover the joy of diving, gain confidence in your skills, and unlock the wonders of the underwater world.

Ran, an accomplished underwater photographer and web expert, combines his two passions to create a unique experience for our guests. He loves nothing more than sharing his knowledge, helping others capture stunning images, and using photography as a tool to inspire conservation.

Our mission is simple yet powerful: to share our love for the ocean with the world, one person at a time.

Ocean conservation and UW photography magazine

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