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Belize Remote Island Conservation Trip

March 25th - March 30th, 2025

$1490 USD 

Join our 5-night conservation and UW photography dive trip on a remote island in Belize , March 25th - March 30th, 2025!

We're thrilled to team up with ReefCI to bring you a truly extraordinary experience. Imagine spending a week on a remote island, completely unplugged from the world and immersed in the beauty of nature. No Wi-Fi, just you, the sea, and a chance to connect with yourself. Throughout the week, you'll have the guidance of an underwater photography instructor, helping you capture the mesmerizing coral reef and its vibrant marine life.

This trip is it's about active conservation, feel the excitement of spearing the invasive lionfish and the satisfaction in helping protect coral reefs!  This is a unique opportunity to protect the reef ecosystem by directly participating in ongoing marine conservation projects! 

ReefCI is located on a small, private, picture-perfect Caribbean island on the Belize Barrier Reef.  The diving is incredible and the conservation work we do is meaningful!  Join us and make a difference!

Is this trip for me?

We attract a vast cross section of demographics from diverse ages, backgrounds, and nationalities.  We have singles, students, working professionals, families, couples, and retirees that come to our island! People coming on this type of volunteer experience all have a shared passion for diving and ocean conservation, which makes for great group dynamics. We give the general diver a unique opportunity to learn about and help conserve the marine environment while having a fun volunteer experience. Our trips are for both experienced and non-experienced divers. Everyone contributes regardless of their background or experience. The research methodologies we teach are very simple and you will learn all you need to know in our training sessions prior to each dive. You will be spearing the invasive lionfish and participating in our other conservation dives and making a difference!

Underwater Photography

Ran mor will be your trip leader and accomplished underwater photographer. Merging his dual passions, he has curated a unique experience for our guests. Ran is dedicated to sharing his expertise, assisting others in capturing extraordinary images, and leveraging photography as a catalyst for conservation.

Throughout the trip, Ran will conduct an engaging underwater photography workshop, guiding you to optimize your gear for exceptional results. With extensive experience, including his time with Mozaik underwater cameras, Ran possesses comprehensive knowledge of various underwater camera gear in the market. Join us on this adventure, where Ran's insights will elevate your underwater photography skills and deepen your connection with the mesmerizing world beneath the waves.

Maximum people in the group is 12. Don't miss this opportunity!

Limited to just 12 spots, this exclusive trip offers a rare opportunity you won't want to miss! join us on this unforgettable adventure.

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