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This group is full. Due to high interest, we have opened a second group Nov 9th - Nov 17th, 2024

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UW Photo Trip to Baja California, Mexico!

Oct 31st - Nov 8th, 2024

$3290 USD 

Join our 8-night UW photography dive trip in Baja California, 31.10 - 8.11, 2024!

Welcome to the captivating paradise of Baja California, Mexico! Prepare yourself for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that will leave you in awe of the magnificent marine wonders this region has to offer.

Where will you visit and what we will see?

We will start our expedition in the breathtaking Magdalena Bay, where you'll witness the incredible sardine run and encounter striped marlin, playful sea lions, humpback whales, orcas, dolphins and more. We will stay in a hotel in San Locas. 
We will continue our adventure in Cabo Pulmo, an underwater haven, where you'll see the giant schools of big-eyed jacks, colorful coral reefs, and graceful stingrays. Keep an eye out for majestic bull sharks and many more species of sharks.
In La Paz, we will swim alongside the playful sea lions and gentle whale sharks. Capture their elegance through your lens.

During this trip there will be numerous opportunities to create unforgettable memories and stunning photographs.

Trip leader and Underwater Photography

Ran mor will be your trip leader and accomplished underwater photographer. Merging his dual passions, he has curated a unique experience for our guests. Ran is dedicated to sharing his expertise, assisting others in capturing extraordinary images, and leveraging photography as a catalyst for conservation.

Throughout the trip, Ran will conduct an engaging underwater photography workshop, guiding you to optimize your gear for exceptional results. With extensive experience, including his time with Mozaik underwater cameras, Ran possesses comprehensive knowledge of various underwater camera gear in the market. Join us on this adventure, where Ran's insights will elevate your underwater photography skills and deepen your connection with the mesmerizing world beneath the waves.

Additionally, our experienced Baja California expert trip leader will accompany you, sharing their knowledge of the area and enhancing your journey.

Maximum people in the group is 12. Don't miss this opportunity!

Ran Mor.jpg

Limited to just 12 spots, this exclusive trip offers a rare opportunity you won't want to miss! join us on this unforgettable adventure.

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