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Who we are

At Dive and More, we are more than just a dive trip company. We are a passionate team of ocean lovers, explorers, world travelers, eco-warriors, entrepreneurs, and of course, divers - a family united by our shared love for the ocean. Founded by Ran and Danielle Mor, Dive and More was born out of our deep desire to share the beauty and importance of the ocean with the world.

Danielle, an experienced SSI and PADI instructor with an impressive record of certifications, brings her expertise and passion for teaching to the forefront. With her guidance, you'll discover the joy of diving, gain confidence in your skills, and unlock the wonders of the underwater world.

Ran, an accomplished underwater photographer and web expert, combines his two passions to create a unique experience for our guests. He loves nothing more than sharing his knowledge, helping others capture stunning images, and using photography as a tool to inspire conservation.

Our mission is simple yet powerful: to share our love for the ocean with the world, one person at a time. We believe that by immersing ourselves in the beauty of the underwater realm, we can cultivate a deep appreciation for the ocean's wonders and instill a sense of responsibility to protect it. Through our carefully curated dive trips, workshops, and educational initiatives, we aim to create meaningful connections with the ocean and empower individuals to become ambassadors for its preservation.

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Feel free to contact us for anything!

Ran and Danielle Mor, dive trip leaders

Our partners

As partners of “Mozaik UW Cameras” and ““, we at Dive and More have years of experience in the diving and underwater photography industry.
We also work closely with Fly & Sea, an IATA accredited full-service Travel Agency since 1988, who handle our bookings and make sure everything runs like clockwork throughout the entire trip.
Our team is constantly at your disposal for any question or request. We welcome you to take part in our vision and embark on a fantastic dive trip to explore the wonders of the ocean!

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