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Swimming With Whales in Vava'u Tonga

September 2nd  - September 9th 2025

$3529 USD 

Join our 7-night swimming with whales trip in Vava'u, Tonga , September 2nd - September 9th, 2025!

We are excited to announce that we are partnering up with David Girsh and "Siuaalo Adventures", a new family run operation for our upcoming trip to Vava'u Tonga 2024! We will have the privilege of having one of the best skippers in Vava'u - Langi Latu!


We are putting together an awesome group of individuals from different parts of the world and backgrounds, for one common goal, shared passion for the ocean and its wildlife! Vava'u is a jellyfish looking group of islands, filled with uninhabited islands to explore, whales who find shelter in between all of them, world-class snorkeling, and crystal clear blue water!

What we will see

This trip promises breathtaking encounters with groups of humpback whales.

In Vava'u, these gentle giants of the sea choose the tropical waters to give birth, ensuring the safety of their newborn calves. You'll have the unique opportunity to witness the profound bond between mother and calf, observing behaviors that can only be experienced in their natural habitat.

Your day will be filled with excitement and wonder. Typically, we spend approximately 7 hours on the water searching for and snorkeling with the whales, followed by additional time for visiting other scenic snorkel spots to explore coral gardens and the vibrant marine life that thrives in Tonga.

Tonga dive trip

Meet your trip leader - David Girsh

Since David was just a kid, spending time at the beach or anywhere near the ocean has been his favorite thing to do. At the age of 15, David became a certified diver and rapidly climbed the certification ladder of scuba, achieving Instructor status by the age of 21. Subsequently, David embarked on a journey that led him far from his home country, Israel, to explore the world's most stunning destinations. His travels spanned a spectrum of aquatic environments, from the frigid waters of New Zealand and South Australia to the balmy embrace of the Caribbean and the exotic allure of the South Pacific Islands.

Photography has always held a special place in David's heart, both above and below the water's surface. Currently, his creative energies are channeled into videography, where he lends his expertise to various documentaries and supports NGOs in highlighting their remarkable conservation initiatives. It's a journey marked by a deep connection with the ocean, a passion for preservation, and a commitment to sharing the wonders of the underwater world with the world.

Where we will stay 

Lin and Thomas Hoch, are the proud owners of "Humpback Lodge Vava'u". Lin is Tongan born and grew up in Vava’u, and now came back home to her village, after years in Australia. Humpback Lodge is a 7 bedroom with restaurant and bar facilities .

Here is what they wanted to share with you all:

"We started "Humpback Lodge" to help the people of my village, and giving our guests the most heartwarming and authentic hospitality, as the Tongan people are. We want everyone to feel home away from home when they are here."

Limited to just 12 spots, this exclusive trip offers a rare opportunity you won't want to miss! join us on this unforgettable adventure.

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