Top 3 Dive Sites in the Caribbean

Scuba Diving anywhere in the world is unforgettable experience, but in the opinion of most divers, there is no better place to do it than in the Caribbean. A majority of the Caribbean Islands have diving trips available, but here is our guide to the Top 3 Dive Sites in the Caribbean.

1. Puerto Rico
The stunning island of Puerto Rico is ideal for divers of all experience levels and ages. The island is surrounded on 3 sides by the continental shelf and has an abundance of caves, sea walls, coral reefs and trenches. The most popular dive sites here can be found at Mona Island, which is located where the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea meet. With it’s variety of caves, hard and soft corals, high-voltage currents and the opportunity to see numerous larger animals, from sharks to humpback whales, diving here is popular among intermediate level divers. For beginners wanting a gentle introduction to the world of diving, Patti’s Reef in Culebra is a recommended option. A relatively shallow 20 to 40 feet dive that very close to shore, you will witness a large amount of nurse sharks, mackerels and other pelagic fish swimming amongst you and your fellow divers.

Puerto Rico

2. Turks and Caicos
The Turks and Caicos Islands, surrounded by one of the most extensive coral reef systems worldwide, provide a wide variety of relatively unexplored underwater sites. From January to March, divers and boaters can often spot whales in sea lanes, as well as an array of other sea creatures among the miles of reefs. A selection of unusual underwater wrecks, including HMS Endymion which sunk during a storm in 1790, further increase the appeal of this sensational diving destination. Right off Grand Turk, the more experienced divers enjoy the many miles of ‘drop-off’ diving, where sea walls plunge into the uncharted depths of blue holes more than 6000 ft. below sea level. Here you will witness thousands of fish, purple sponges, endless coral forms and colonies of black coral. Other popular dive sites can be found in Salt Cay, Middle Caicos and French Cay, which is especially popular among people who enjoy a more tranquil diving atmosphere.

Turks and Caicos

3. St. Croix
St. Croix is becoming increasingly popular with divers in the Caribbean wanting added variety. Reef dives, night dives, ship-wreck dives, wall dives and beach dives are all available across this beautiful island. At Buck Island, just off of St. Croix’s mainland, underwater trails of the national park are very common and the drop-offs and coral canyons at Cane Bay and Salt River are also highly recommended dive sites. Underwater terrain in St. Croix is populated by marine life such as spiny lobster, queen triggerfish, leatherback turtles and creole wrasses. Beginners are encouraged to visit Frederiksted Pier, a 250-yard concrete pier encircled by fish, sea horses and sponges as well as a trio of shallow wrecks to explore.

St. Croix

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